Savannah Crime Expo Schedule

7:30am to 9am Expo Guest Registration

Meet Savannah Crime Expo representatives at the entry to the expo hall, located one flight below the lobby by the Harbor Side Room, to collect your pre-purchased tickets and receive a welcome packet. Tickets can be purchased at the bottom of the home page at Please have ID and Ticket Order number to retrieve tickets. Get there early so you don’t miss a beat!

9am Savannah Crime Expo Opening-Welcome Gathering

Welcome! The exhibit hall will be open at 9am to browse vendor and podcast booths. Join serial killer expert Rachael Bell in the Speaker’s Room where she will welcome you all and briefly share information about the Savannah Crime Expo. 

9:30am-11am Dr. Henry Lee

The topic Dr. Lee will speak on will be announced soon!

11:10-12pm Talking to Serial Killers: Psychological Insights

Join author and serial killer expert Dr. Katherine Ramsland in the Speakers Room where she‘ll present Talking to Serial Killers: Psychological Insights.

Experts who have interviewed serial killers, from Bundy to BTK, have devised methods for retrieving important information about motives, pre- and post-crime behavior, fantasies, and the role of mental deviance and disorder. Participants will learn about insights and techniques from a range of cases, including from the extensive interviews Ramsland did with Dennis “BTK” Rader. In some cases, talking to a serial killer has helped to identify and apprehend others.

12pm to 1pm Break

During the break, browse our exhibit hall or grab lunch at one of the on-site dining establishments. Food and beverage purchases are not included in the ticket price. 

1:10pm to 2pm Forensic Genetic Genealogy in Homicide Investigations

Join Lee Bingham Redgrave & Anthony Redgrave in the Speakers Room for their joint presentation about Forensic Genetic Genealogy in Homicide Investigations: What can be learned about criminals and crime by identifying unnamed victims.

Learn about the basics of using DNA and genealogy for human identification. Using specific case studies, they will discuss the importance of victim identification in relation to many aspects of homicide investigation. Naming the unnamed dead and learning the details of the final moments of their lives can bring to light the identity of their killers, or if their killer is already known, their motives and methods. How does knowing more about the victim help close cold case homicides and prevent crimes in the future?

2:10pm to 3pm Cold Case Investigator Teams Up with the Media to Solve Cases

Never before has a local news anchor paired up with a real life CSI to try and solve cold cases! Sheryl “Mac” McCollum, with 36 years of criminal Investigative research experience, will discuss her account of teaming up with CBS46 award winning anchor Karyn Greer on the groundbreaking CSI Atlanta! Join Sheryl in the Speakers Room where she’ll talk about her cases and her “changing the news“!  

3:10pm to 4pm The Pizza Bomber Investigation

Join Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Clark in the Speakers Room where he’ll discuss the “Pizza Bomber” case as highlighted on the Netflix series “Evil Genius” and will describe the intricate details of the investigation leading to the resolution of the case. He will explain what drove this complex group of “fractured intellectuals” to execute a bank robbery plot that ranks as one of the most chilling and diabolical in the history of crime in the United States.

4:10pm-5pm What Makes Criminal Women Tick?

Join Stephanie Scott-Snyder in the Speakers Room where she will discuss her psychological investigation of female offenders, based on her interviews with some of America’s most violent women.

Find out what makes criminal women tick and how their approach to crime—and luring victims—differs from their male counterparts. Society often views women as nurturing, peaceful caregivers, and rarely as calculating, cold-blooded criminal masterminds. This stereotype ensures that people are less likely to see female predators coming, which only serves to make them more dangerous. 

5:10-6:40 A Disturbing Case – Suicide or Homicide: A Complex Equivocal Death Assessment

Join retired FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit senior profiler and investigator Mark Safarik in the Speakers Room where he’ll present A Disturbing Case – Suicide or Homicide: A Complex Equivocal Death Assessment.

Occasionally police, despite their best investigative efforts and knowing the cause of death, cannot determine whether the death is an accident, suicide or homicide. This case explores a high-profile international death case explored in TV shows, magazines, and the media where two countries disagreed as to what happened. Ultimately, Mark was brought in to resolve this unusual death. He will break it down sharing his analysis and opinion with you. 

Escape Rooms (Times vary, see below)

Join a team to solve a grisly murder case in order to escape the room of death! You’ll only get 40 minutes to solve the crime. Who knows, helpful hints might be provided by a leading forensic expert to help secure your release! Those who solve the crime can engage in a photo with one of the guest speakers. Each escape room is $40 for an entry ticket. The escape room will be located in the Sloane Room at the top of the lobby escalators, on the first floor. See times and themes below:   

Serial Killer escape: 10am, 12pm and 3pm

The Code Cracker escape: 5pm and 6pm

7pm Savannah Crime Expo Closing

We cannot thank you enough for joining us for our first Savannah Crime Expo! Check out our website for future expos we will be hosting!